Episode 88: What is a Gainsharing Arrangement and How Do You Use Them Strategically?

Max Reiboldt and Tom Anthony (Frost Brown Todd LLC) join Mark to discuss gainsharing as an affiliation strategy. Max and Tom define gainsharing with a high-level legal overview, talk about a scenario where gainsharing works, and share their observations from Advisory Opinion 17-09.

Episode Synopsis

Max and Tom review the positive outcome of Advisory Opinion 17-09 and how to use gainsharing as a physician-hospital affiliation strategy. They define gainsharing and its objectives, discuss how a gainsharing arrangement is applicable for a joint replacement, and offer their insight on using gainsharing arrangements as an affiliation strategy.Click the play button to listen to the episode.


OIG Advisory Opinion No. 17-09

Why is a Fair Market Value/Commercial Reasonableness Opinion Important for Value-Based Enterprises?

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