Reimagine your organization's potential.

With over 35 years of experience, we've honed our expertise and evolved as a company, dedicated to supporting all areas of physician enterprise management through end-to-end strategic, operational, financial, technological, and compliance solutions.

A holistic approach to healthcare business strategy.

Our Commitment
Every day, we help our clients sustainably deliver quality care to their patients in a complex and ever-changing healthcare landscape.
Been there. Done that.
From strategic planning to audits to solution implementation, we've done it all hundreds of times. Our product is our people, many of whom have first-hand experience in our clients' shoes.
Your side projects are our primary focus.
We provide hands-on consulting resources to enhance your team’s expertise and bandwidth. Get results faster without taking on another full-time job.
An extension of your leadership team.
Our commitment goes beyond completing an assignment. We enhance your team’s perspective, clarify priorities, and provide guidance on an ongoing basis.

Coker partners with physician enterprises of all types—hospital-owned networks, independent groups, private equity entities, MSOs, and others to:

  • 01Develop & implement strategic plans
  • 02Improve financial & operational performance
  • 03Optimize technology infrastructure
  • 04Establish best practice compliance
  • 05Manage physician alignment & transactions
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What Clients Say
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I would be very happy to recommend Coker to any physician group or healthcare group considering compensation or employment structure changes. Coker displayed business acumen and understanding that would be applicable to almost any situation.
Derek C. Welch, M.D., PathGroup
Yong and Max, I would like to thank you for your excellent work completing this appraisal. I truly believe we have all done our very best to achieve a very accurate FMV for our center.”
Beau T. Bryan, M.D., Palmetto Surgery Center, LLC
Thanks for your efforts. I was very impressed with [Coker's] recommendations [and] professionalism, and would highly recommend your firm and use you again.”
Ernest Sussman, M.D.
Our relationship with [Coker] over the past nine or so years has been incredibly valuable and truly rewarding...we'd very much like to offer our unqualified praise and gratitude for the Coker team.”
Michael Mooney, Administrator, Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group