Episode 124: How is artificial intelligence revolutionizing the healthcare sector?

Dive into the transformative role of AI in healthcare, revealing how it's revolutionizing claims processing, medical coding, and reimbursement.

In this episode of Coffee with Coker, Mark Reiboldt, EVP at Coker, and Vinson Do discuss the impactful role of AI in the business side of healthcare. They delve into how AI is transforming claims processing, medical coding, and healthcare reimbursement.

The conversation highlights real-world examples, such as the AI implementation at Community Medical Centers of Fresno and Mass General Brigham, which have shown significant improvements in reducing denials and enhancing coding accuracy. Ethical considerations and future prospects for AI in healthcare are also examined.

  • 00:25 The Role of AI in Healthcare
  • 00:53 Introducing Vinson Do and AI's Impact
  • 01:51 Understanding Artificial Intelligence
  • 04:43 AI in Claims Processing
  • 11:37 AI in Medical Coding
  • 16:32 AI in Healthcare Reimbursement
  • 23:14 Ethical Considerations and Future Prospects
  • 30:53 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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