Episode 119: Navigating Patient Demand and Physician Shortages

Trends in patient access management.

In this podcast episode, we delve into the critical topic of patient access and operational throughput. With growing demand for medical services and a looming physician shortage, it's essential to reframe patient access as a pivotal aspect of healthcare production, not merely patient satisfaction.

Join us as we discuss current patient access challenges, highlight key focus areas for effective management, and explore the differentiation between patient access and operational throughput, emphasizing role clarity, optimizing staff utilization, and improving communication.

The episode also delves into trends in patient access management, including the role of Advanced Practice Providers and the strategic integration of technology to enhance access. Patient access has never been more vital, as patient demand is projected to exceed provider supply. We offer practical strategies for healthcare organizations to excel in patient access and operational throughput.

  • Patient access and throughput in healthcare (0:11)
  • Patient access and physician shortages in U.S. healthcare (4:37)
  • Streamlining patient access and scheduling (9:20)
  • Patient access and appointment metrics (12:01)
  • Improving patient access and organizational performance (15:52)
  • Improving medical practice efficiency (20:15)
  • Improving patient access in healthcare (26:16)
  • Improving patient access and reducing no-shows (32:03)


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