Episode 66: Affiliation Options for Physicians and Hospitals Post-Pandemic

Aimee Greeter, Max Reiboldt, and Richard Romero join Mark Reiboldt to discuss changes the healthcare industry is experiencing during a pandemic crisis. The group discusses leading through a crisis, affiliation options for hospitals and physicians, and how the pandemic will affect practice valuations and compensation packages.

Episode Synopsis

The COVID-19 pandemic has, in essence, turned the world upside-down. Healthcare in the United States and around the world will never be the same. At its core, this transformation applies to all aspects of clinical care, especially with the rapid adoption of telehealth as a viable alternative to a significant portion of in-office patient-physician visits and a greater focus on remote monitoring as an alternative to in-hospital observation. Likewise, we believe that the economic and transactional sides of the U.S. healthcare system will change as well, both in temporary and permanent ways. As we begin to plow our way out of this crisis, Aimee, Max, and Richard consider affiliation strategies as we emerge from the pandemic and reestablish life under our "new normal."


Leading in Crisis: How to Prepare, How to Execute, How to Thrive

Navigating the New Normal of a Post-Pandemic World

Post-Pandemic Crisis Affiliation: Which Way is Up?

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