Episode 81: How to Quantify Risk with the Distress Index

Richard Romero and Jeremy Johnson join Mark to discuss the Polsinelli|TrBK Distress Indices, which track bankruptcy statistics. The Distress Index is designed to capture distress in the marketplace and quantitatively present marketplace stress for healthcare valuators.

Episode Synopsis

Jeremy provides an overview of the Distress Index and how one could use the index to understand distress in the healthcare market. The Distress Index tracks all Chapter 11 bankruptcies, and there are two sub-indices for real estate and healthcare.Throughout this episode, Mark, Richard, and Jeremy explain how consultants and valuators use this data to understand the healthcare market and apply it to healthcare valuation. Risk is a significant factor in healthcare valuation and transaction advisory services. The Distress Index helps quantify the level of industry risk.

Click the play button to listen to Richard and Jeremy discuss the Distress Index.


The Distress Index

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