Episode 59: Combating COVID-19 with Digital Transformation

Jeff Kline, Jeffery Daigrepont, and Andy Sobczyk join Mark Reiboldt to continue the digital transformation discussion and how technological innovation is changing the healthcare industry. Today's episode is a timely discussion on the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and technology to encourage handwashing.

Episode Synopsis

Jeff Kline is the CEO of HanGenix, a technological solution that promotes hand hygiene compliance for healthcare professionals. Jeff joins the Coker team to discuss the importance of hand hygiene and society's now acute awareness of the importance of handwashing with the COVID-19 pandemic.Jeff, Jeffery, Andy, and Mark discuss the latest news in the healthcare industry related to digital transformation and the continued importance of a digital focus for healthcare organizations. As technology continues to evolve, now is the time for the healthcare industry to embrace the change and use new technology to improve clinical care.


HanGenix Website

WHO – Five Moments for Hand Hygiene

List of Current Emergencies from CMS

CDC – What you need to know about COVID-19

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