Max Reiboldt, CPA
Max Reiboldt, CPA

Max Reiboldt, CPA

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Max Reiboldt, CPA, is the president of Coker. His 45 years of work has provided invaluable experience, working in business and industry, primarily involving healthcare providers. He handles strategic, tactical, financial, and management issues that health systems, physicians, and other healthcare entities and/or investors face in today’s evolving marketplace.

Mr. Reiboldt understands the nuances of the healthcare industry, especially in such a dynamic age. He understands that healthcare organizations need to maintain viability in a highly competitive market. Whether a transitional provider or a more trailblazing healthcare entity, Max works with these organizations to provide sound solutions to every day and long-range challenges. His hands-on approach may be “old school,” but clients value his open communication skills and responsiveness.

As president, Max oversees Coker's services as part of the Executive Committee. With all his years of experience and his management duties for the Firm, he still has a passion for working with clients and organizations of all sizes, engaging in consulting projects nationwide.