Episode 86: How to Use an MSO as a Strategy to Grow

Max Reiboldt and Andy Sobczyk join Mark to discuss the next generation of management service organizations (MSOs) and business service organizations (BSOs). The presence of MSOs, entities that provide an array of administrative support services to physician practices, has grown significantly in recent years. This trend is linked to private equity (PE) entry in the physician practice space because many PE transactions include an MSO.

Episode Synopsis

Max and Andy discuss the differences between MSOs and BSOs, and their goals and services. MSOs are not unique to private equity deals, and they are growing in popularity. Max and Andy discuss how to use an MSO or BSO as a growth strategy for your healthcare organization. Click the play button to listen to the episode.


Request a copy of the detailed presentation with organizational structure examples!

Next Generation MSOs: Strategies to Grow beyond Traditional Practice Management Services

Affiliation Options for Physicians: Current and Future Strategies

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