Episode 117: How to Be Successful with Revenue Cycle Management

A comprehensive review of revenue cycle management.

The speakers will break down various areas they review when evaluating the revenue cycle and give examples of how they evaluated and helped clients achieve success around revenue cycle improvement. They will discuss some of the key pitfalls and areas where physician enterprises struggle, and offer advice, regardless of type and size, to consider as you optimize your revenue cycle processes and performance.

In the context of revenue cycle management, it's essential to emphasize that the scope extends far beyond the billing office alone. The notion of "outsourcing the revenue cycle" often requires clarification, as it commonly refers to selectively outsourcing certain components, like billing or specific front-end operations. It's rare for an organization to entrust the entirety of its revenue cycle, spanning from initial patient intake and service provision to claims processing, payment reconciliation, collection endeavors, and comprehensive follow-up, to an external entity. This podcast episode delves into the intricacies of this comprehensive revenue cycle management process.

  • Opening Introduction (0:11)
  • Key pitfalls and areas to avoid when evaluating the revenue cycle (1:02)
  • The interaction between each functional area (6:05)
  • Why are we seeing more and more issues occur (9:28)
  • How to diagnose billing and billing issues (12:13)
  • Solutions and recommendations (18:37)
  • What do the leaders and managers think of the reports? (24:26)
  • Sustainability measures to help with implementation (27:40)
  • Using dashboard reporting for key performance indicators (33:16)
  • Question the status quo on revenue cycle management (38:07)


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