Episode 77: New Opportunities with Telehealth Leadership Positions

Lee Perrett joins Mark Reiboldt to discuss telehealth and virtual care leadership positions for large healthcare organizations. Lee and Mark discuss the advantages of telehealth during a pandemic and why healthcare organizations want healthcare executives and physician leaders who are uniquely qualified to run a telehealth program.

Episode Synopsis

As telehealth continues to gain popularity among patients, healthcare organizations need versatile leaders to run their telehealth programs. Telehealth offers many advantages, including increased access to healthcare, especially in rural areas, and the ability to screen patients at home and determine if an in-person visit is necessary.The individuals suited for this position should have a clinical background with experience in operations and health business administration. A telehealth and virtual care leader's goal is to help the organization meet its goals and objectives for the telemedicine program.


Is Telehealth Past the Tipping Point?

Should You Use a Non-Medical Grade Telemedicine Platform?

Case Study: Leveraging Technology during a Pandemic

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