Episode 44: Compliance Program Effectiveness

Roz Cordini joins Mark to discuss compliance program effectiveness and the reasons to have a compliance program in place. There continue to be significant compliance concerns across the healthcare industry as evidenced by ongoing DOJ settlements, new corporate integrity agreements, and other findings and activity.

Episode Synopsis

Throughout the discussion, Roz and Mark touch on the following concepts:

  1. What constitutes a well-designed compliance program?
  2. Does the corporation's compliance program work in practice?
  3. Barriers to implementing an effective compliance program
  4. Compliance effectiveness red flags

Roz walks through what it means to have a truly effective compliance program and why compliance programs are essential for healthcare organizations of any size. One of the most critical factors in establishing an effective plan is the "tone-at-the-top" of a healthcare organization, or more simply put, how an organization's board or executive leaders position a compliance program and its compliance officer.


White Paper: Compliance Program EffectivenessBlog: EHR Documentation Integrity Risks: Ten Ways to Stay Compliant

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