Episode 58: Healthcare M&A: Improving the Marriage Post-Transaction

Frances Dare joins Aimee Greeter to discuss healthcare mergers and acquisitions and why the majority of these transactions fail to deliver the intended outcomes. Frances and Aimee explore the success rate of mergers and acquisitions as well as the factors to consider to improve the success rate.

Episode Synopsis

Frances and Aimee explore why the research (and their experience) shows more than 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver the intended outcomes. Behind this is a failure to fully consider the psychology of human systems and a belief that people respond to change rationally. Their discussion explores the human experience of change and reasons people both fear and seek it out. They consider the ways in which the unconscious can shape responses to change and focus on ways organizations can effectively engage employees and how leaders can support the change process. With healthcare M&A activity predicted to continue at pace and other change drivers at play, a deeper understanding of human responses to change can help healthcare organizations more effectively navigate turbulent times.


How to Be Better at M&A Marriage

Post-Merger Integration Strategy Starts Early

Strategic Variables in Private Equity Transactions

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