Episode 64: Impact of COVID-19 on ACOs, CINs, and Shared Savings

Justin Chamblee and Alex Kirkland join Mark Reiboldt to discuss COVID-19 interim rules and waivers that change shared savings and other value-based strategies. Justin and Alex discuss how these changes will affect accountable care organizations (ACOs) and clinically integrated networks (CINs) taking on risk, the opportunity for shared savings, and how capitated models are faring throughout the pandemic.

Episode Synopsis

Many healthcare providers are struggling as expenses skyrocket and elective procedures are deferred or canceled altogether, eliminating major revenue sources. Value-based initiatives are on-hold because most value-based arrangements require a significant financial commitment to start and healthcare providers are less likely to put more money at risk. Providers have shifted their focus to sustaining losses from the outbreak.

Justin and Alex explain what is happening in the industry to mitigate total shared losses and reduce the burden on providers. They also discuss their opinions on how COVID-19 will impact value-based strategies.


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