Episode 43: Vendor Spotlight: Democratization of Patient Communications with MedChat

Today's episode is an interview with Aimee Greeter, SVP in our Financial Services division, conducted with Matt Yagey, Founder and CEO, and Graeme Keith, Investor and COO of MedChat, a HIPAA-compliant live-chat application for patient communication. Aimee, Matt, and Graeme discuss the need to evolve patient communications in the 21st century and how text-based communications are improving patient access to healthcare.

Episode Synopsis

Matt, Graeme, and Aimee discuss MedChat's mission and their software solution, which brings a new level of engagement to healthcare patient communications. MedChat is simple to install and easy to use for all generations.

Patients use MedChat to:

  • Manage appointment scheduling and rescheduling
  • Assist with billing and coordinate payments
  • Advise on care-related inquires
  • Coach for population health
  • Distribute and refill medications
  • Manage referrals
  • Communicate pre- and post-appointment
  • Convert website visitors into new patients


MedChat Website

Contact MedChat

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