Episode 78: Answering the Question, What Do Healthcare Consultants Really Do?

Podcast host, Mark Reiboldt, provides an answer to frequently asked questions over the years. What is healthcare consulting? What do healthcare consultants do? Why would I need to hire a healthcare consultant?

Episode Synopsis

In general, consulting firms provide a professional service by advising their clients on a specific matter. Healthcare consultants could focus on healthcare technology implementation and improvement, medical group business operations, or strategic planning for a health system, to name a few. As a firm, Coker Group focuses on all aspects of healthcare business. Our goal is to optimize the business of healthcare for each of our clients, focusing on five core areas: strategy, operations, finance, technology, and compliance. Our main focal point is the healthcare providers and their specific needs within their healthcare practice. We customize our approach to every project to ensure our clients receive the best value.


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