Episode 61: Key Issues and Guidance for Hospitals and Medical Groups during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Senior healthcare industry experts from Coker Group and Frost Brown Todd hosted a panel discussion with guidance for hospitals and medical groups during the coronavirus disease pandemic.

The panel discussed important concepts executives of healthcare services entities should be aware of as the industry continues to navigate the COVID-19 global health emergency.

The topics covered during the panel discussion are:

  • Using telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic with specific examples.
  • Overview of the CARES Act, including SBA loan programs, tax assistance provisions, and hospital support programs.
  • Guidelines on Stark regulations, fair market value, and commercial reasonableness.
  • Physician compensation dynamics during COVID-19.
  • Hospital and practice operational factors in an expanded telehealth environment.
  • What is our new normal after COVID-19?

The webinar was a live version of our Podcast podcast featuring Mark Reiboldt, Senior Vice President of Coker Group, Max Reiboldt, President/CEO of Coker Group, Chad Eckhardt of Frost Brown Todd, and Andrew Johnson of Frost Brown Todd.

Download the slides with links to our COVID-19 resources.

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