Episode 65: Vendor Spotlight: Innovative Responses to Financial Challenges during a Pandemic

Today's episode is an interview with Jeffery Daigrepont, a senior vice president in our Healthcare IT Services division, conducted with Leah Jones, senior vice president and general manager of the ambulatory business unit at Allscripts. Our discussion will explore the innovative ways the market is responding to the financial challenges COVID-19 caused and consider a path forward for healthcare organizations.

Episode Synopsis

COVID-19 has hit practices hard on many fronts and especially financially. The first, and most obvious, has been the costly response to the outbreak itself. Second, the patient volume has dramatically reduced, and all elective procedures postponed. While some relief has been provided, it is not enough. Practices must come up with a plan to rebound financially. Jeffery and Leah discuss the innovative ways Allscripts is helping practices respond to COVID-19 and rebound from financial distress.


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