Episode 36: Exploring New Frontiers: Evolving Alignment Options between Health Systems and Rural Hospitals

Justin Chamblee, Priya Bathija, and Tom Donohoe join Mark to recap their May 2019 presentation at the American Health Lawyers Association Health Care Transactions conference. They explore the driving forces causing rural hospitals to consider affiliations with larger health systems, such as rising costs, limited access, commitment to rural populations, and management expertise.

Episode Synopsis

Justin, Priya, and Tom discuss the meaning of alignment for rural hospitals and explore viable alignment model options to offer needed healthcare services in the right areas, including historical affiliation models that have been used and may still be appropriate in certain circumstances (full acquisition, management, lease and joint operating arrangements).Evolving and less formal models could be considered to accommodate rural identity and independence, including preferred services arrangements, EPIC hosting, visiting specialists, and other need-specific arrangements. They briefly address common legal issues associated with both historical and evolving models. The views and comments of the presenters are their own and do not reflect the opinions and positions of their respective employers. Further, any comments made by attorneys are not intended to be, nor should they be construed as legal advice.


AHLA eProgram: 2019 Health Care Transactions Conference

AHA 2019 Rural Report

White Paper: Modern PSAs: A Stable Alignment Model in an Unstable Healthcare Environment

Bio: Justin Chamblee

LinkedIn: Priya Bathija

LinkedIn: Tom Donohoe

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