Episode 110: How Upcoming Billing and Coding Changes Influence Healthcare Economics

Beth Balcom, Brandt Jewell, Alex Kirkland, and Richard Romero presented this webinar for the American Health Law Association. Our team will cover upcoming billing and coding changes affecting healthcare organizations in three areas: coding and compliance, operations, and finance.

Episode Synopsis

Upcoming billing and coding changes will affect healthcare organizations in three areas: coding and compliance, operations, and finance. Our team will cover these areas as they discuss how billing changes will impact physician practice operations and economics, including provider compensation and fair market value considerations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the financial impact of critical changes within the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule and what they may mean from a valuation perspective.
  • Discuss the operational implications and considerations resulting from the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule.
  • Provide an overview of the expected coding changes and associated compliance considerations.

We recommend you speak with your key stakeholders about performing three actions to prepare for the upcoming changes which go into effect on January 1, 2023:

  1. Develop a coding communication plan that considers tools and checklists to help front-line resources acclimate to the changes
  2. Audit current EHR scheduling templates to ensure they consider the changes
  3. Conduct a chart audit to verify the accuracy of coding and documentation

If Coker can assist you with developing a plan or implementation for any of the above, please get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specific needs of your client(s) or organization.

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