Episode 50: The Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry

Andy Sobczyk and Jeffery Daigrepont join Mark to discuss digital transformation and its application specifically to the healthcare industry. Andy and Jeffery discuss what technologies are currently changing or could potentially change the way healthcare is managed and delivered.

Episode Synopsis

As data quickly becomes the new currency, Andy, Jeffery, and Mark discuss how contemporary technologies are impacting the healthcare industry and how artificial intelligence could revolutionize the way physicians practice medicine. With the year 2020 fast approaching, they emphasize the need to consider (at the least) a digital strategy and understand how rapidly evolving technology could help your healthcare organization achieve cost savings, improve outcomes, and allow better access to healthcare.


White Paper: The Use and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Article: Doctor Alexa will see you now: Is Amazon primed to come to your rescue?

Blog: When is the Time to Switch your EHR?

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