Episode 121: How Non-Provider Staffing Trends Affect Physician Enterprise Performance

An exploration of physician and non-provider staffing trends.

In this insightful podcast for leaders of physician enterprises, we delve into the dynamic landscape of staffing trends within the healthcare sector. The discussion kicks off with a comprehensive exploration of both physician and non-provider staffing trends, providing valuable insights into the evolving workforce dynamics. The conversation then navigates through the intricate factors that contribute to staff turnover, shedding light on the challenges faced by physician enterprises in retaining their crucial personnel.

The podcast guides leaders in analyzing their physician enterprises with a data-driven approach, offering practical strategies to create staffing targets aligned with the unique characteristics of their practices. As the discussion progresses, listeners gain actionable solutions to common staffing challenges, including addressing salary increases in a declining market and handling healthcare turnover amidst current market conditions. The podcast also explores staff retention tactics and best practices essential for physician enterprise success.

The latter part of the podcast delves into the impact of various technologies on staffing for physician enterprises, exploring the integration of AI and workforce automation. The discussion concludes by highlighting the crucial link between staffing, ROI, and the overall functionality of physician enterprises, providing valuable insights for leaders navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare management.

  • Physician and non-provider staffing trends (2:05)
  • Factors contributing to staff turnover (4:20)
  • How to analyze your physician enterprise using a data-driven approach (4:50)
  • How certain practice characteristics impact staffing levels (6:30)
  • Create staffing targets that make sense for your practice (7:22)
  • Solutions to staffing challenges (8:14)
  • Addressing salary increases in a declining market (8:30)
  • How to handle healthcare turnover in the current market (11:02)
  • Staff retention tactics (13:39)
  • Best practices for physician enterprise success (16:35)
  • Critical issues plaguing independent medical practices (20:12)
  • Embracing new trends and adjusting to patient expectations (21:30)
  • Other technologies affecting staffing for physician enterprises (23:45)
  • Addressing AI and workforce automation for your practice (25:00)
  • How staffing impacts the ROI and functionality of the physician enterprise (26:40)


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