Episode 41: Telehealth: Helping your Health System Move Forward

Richard Romero joins Mark to discuss the impact telehealth could have on access to healthcare in rural markets as well as recent telehealth policies from Washington, D.C. Telehealth is one of the most significant trends in healthcare, serving as a way to ensure that people can get care when and where they need it. It is dramatically changing the delivery of healthcare and has the potential to be disruptive and transformative.

Episode Synopsis

Richard discusses the practical applications of telehealth and how it differs from more traditional physician visits. As with many new services, new questions arise on how telemedicine impacts healthcare services and reimbursement. Telehealth requires a significant investment in technology and equipment that decision-makers should consider when determining if telehealth is a good fit for their healthcare organization.Richard recently attended the CTeL Summit in Washington, D.C. and provides a brief update of policies to follow throughout 2019.


White Paper: Telehealth: Helping your Health System Move Forward

Maximizing Reimbursement in the Telemedicine Environment

CONNECT for Health Act of 2017

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