Episode 108: What is the Precision Experience for Medical Professionals?

Jack Liu and Dr. Hamlet Benyamin join Mark Reiboldt to discuss the shift from a one size fits all approach to precision medicine which is individualized to each person. Dr. Benyamin defines precision experience as the unique experience a person needs as they enter the healthcare workforce.

Episode Synopsis

How do we assess the barriers and processes for the healthcare workforce so we can deliver better care for everyone?

Covid-19 shed light on the healthcare delivery process, particularly within the patient and provider dynamic. Precision experience is essential to all aspects of the healthcare delivery process, from physicians and advanced practice providers to supporting staff.

Healthcare can use the insights as a jumping-off point to leap forward and improve processes that have been problematic for years. An opportunity arises from a crisis to improve the system for the people it serves.

Click to listen to the episode and learn more about the precision experience for healthcare.


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