Episode 42: What is Business Valuation and Why Would I Need One?

David Walline and Yong Zhang join Mark to discuss performing healthcare business valuations and explain their purpose in the healthcare industry. Although a request for a healthcare business valuation can be for a multitude of reasons, most of the valuations Coker Group performs are associated with a pending transaction between two healthcare entities.

Episode Synopsis

In a highly regulated industry, such as healthcare, it is imperative to have an accurate business valuation. A business valuation, in the most basic sense, is the act or process of determining the value of a business enterprise or an ownership interest within an enterprise.David and Yong address frequently asked questions on healthcare business valuations such as:

  1. Why would a healthcare business valuation need to be performed?
  2. What is the typical process when a client requests a healthcare business valuation?
  3. Why is it important to establish the scope of services at the onset of the engagement?
  4. What approaches are used when performing a healthcare business valuation?
  5. How does Coker Group value specific assets of a healthcare business?


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