Episode 116: Introducing Physician Enterprise Performance Improvement (PEPI)

Enhance financial and operational performance.

This series aims to help physicians and practice administrators enhance their financial and operational performance across various domains.

In this podcast series designed for physicians and practice administrators, our speakers will provide a deep dive into the reasons behind this series. They will emphasize the significance of performance improvement in healthcare organizations and specifically focus on physician enterprise performance improvement. Listeners will gain insights into how organizations can effectively evaluate their performance in relation to expectations, goals, and targets.

Building upon these fundamental concepts, our speakers will explore the creation of a framework for achieving high performance. They will discuss practical methods for developing a data-driven culture that permeates throughout the organization, from leadership to staff to providers. Throughout the series, we will cover a range of important domains, including revenue cycle management, operational efficiency, physician compensation, and quality outcomes. By addressing these crucial topics, we aim to provide physicians and practice administrators with valuable strategies and knowledge to enhance performance and drive success in their healthcare practices.


Podcast Information

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