Episode 37: Maximizing Physician Engagement to Drive Clinical Integration Success

Aimee Greeter and Toni Peck join Mark to recap their May 2019 presentation at the American Health Lawyers Association Health Care Transactions conference. They focus on new ways to drive physician engagement to help ensure that an organization realizes its clinical integration goals.

Episode Synopsis

While active physician leaders are needed more than ever, some are reticent to step into these roles – including seasoned clinical professionals and physicians newly out of training. Aimee and Toni discuss why engaging physicians is critical to the success of any organization, particularly now with the establishment of clinical integration within the industry.They discuss Coker Group's 12-point assessment tool to differentiate between low- and active-engagement physicians and the drivers for their behaviors; interpret and use assessment data to customize one of five new approaches to improve physician engagement; delineate, track, and advance provider engagement through involvement, decision-making, and leadership; and, understand how to involve physicians in quality improvement processes to guide successful clinical integration initiatives.The views and comments of the presenters are their own and do not reflect the opinions and positions of their respective employers. Further, any comments made by attorneys are not intended to be, nor should they be construed as legal advice.


AHLA eProgram: 2019 Health Care Transactions Conference

White Paper: Physician Engagement: A Crucial Component of a Healthy Organization

Podcast: Maximizing Physician Engagement

Bio: Aimee Greeter

Bio: Antonia (Toni) Peck

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