Episode 34: Private Equity: The Next Stage in Physician Practice Transactions

Max Reiboldt joins Mark to discuss private equity deals in the healthcare industry. Max and Mark review the recent private equity activity in healthcare and how these deals impact the market.

Episode Synopsis

In recent years, several private equity firms have been involved with hospital and/or physician transactions. Mark and Max examine the reasons private equity firms are attracted to the healthcare industry, which leads to the question, how are these deals impacting the healthcare market? With private equity involvement, the idea is to maximize downstream value. Mark and Max discuss why these deals are attractive to healthcare organizations and certain characteristics with which healthcare organizations should be familiar.


Article: Private equity infuses healthcare with $63B investment

Article: The Next Stage of Evolution in Physician Practice Transactions: Can hospitals compete with private equity in attracting physician group deals?

Bio: Mark ReiboldtBio: Max Reiboldt

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