Episode 38: Vendor Spotlight: Cloud-Based Technology Solutions for Rural Health

Today's episode is an interview with Jeffery Daigrepont, SVP in our Healthcare IT Services division, conducted with Baha Zeidan, Cofounder and CEO of Azalea Health, a healthcare technology company offering a fully integrated, cloud-based EHR, RCM, telehealth, and consulting services. Jeffery and Baha discuss the advantages of cloud-based technology and how Azalea Health enables community hospitals, rural health clinics, and practices of all sizes to customize a solution to their business needs.

Episode Synopsis

Baha and Jeffery discuss the benefits of using a cloud-based technology system and the versatility of Azalea Health's system. Azalea Health tailors healthcare solutions for rural healthcare providers to help meet their business needs with an affordable solution.


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Azalea Health Demo

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