Episode 122: Understanding Annual Wellness Visits for Healthcare Organizations

Unlock the secrets of annual wellness visits.

In this episode, the discussion focuses on annual wellness visits, IPPE, and their implications for healthcare organizations. The conversation covers the requirements, coding, documentation, and common audit findings related to annual wellness visits. The speakers emphasize the importance of proper documentation, the use of resources, and a team approach to ensure compliance and successful reimbursement.

  • Jaci Kipreos and Erika Fisch discuss annual wellness visits (00:18)
  • Medicare's yearly benefit for beneficiaries called annual wellness visits (01:25)
  • Initial Preventative Physical Exam (IPPE) and annual wellness visits (02:32)
  • Difference between annual wellness visits and preventative physical exams (05:34)
  • Resources for understanding annual wellness visits (08:06)
  • Common audit findings for IPPE and annual wellness visits (14:16)
  • Handling patient refusal to answer questions during the visit (18:57)
  • Separate coding for additional services during the visit (22:58)
  • Screening EKG and its requirements (25:12)
  • Importance of a team approach to ensure proper documentation and billing (28:58)
  • Checking with your MAC for additional requirements or recommendations (32:52)
  • Next episode to cover the 25 modifier (34:55)


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