Episode 46: The State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Still Much Ground to Cover

Christopher Kunney joins Mark to discuss the state of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry. Although cybercrime has been impacting other sectors for over 20 years, it has recently begun attacking the healthcare industry extensively. Christopher explains the most common types of cybercrime, why cybercrime occurs, and what questions healthcare organizations need to ask when implementing a cybersecurity solution.

Episode Synopsis

Daily, we read about security breaches in small-, medium-, and large-scale healthcare organizations that often affect hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people and their private information. Christopher outlines the most common types of breaches that could be avoided through employee education. He also discusses the reasons that cybercrimes occur and the specific types of cybercrime that are targeting health systems, hospitals, and medical groups.

6 Questions Healthcare Organizations Should Ask about Cybersecurity

  1. What is your organization doing to protect your vital data and financial assets from cybersecurity attacks?
  2. Do you have a written plan that outlines strategies and tactics for preventing, detecting, and responding to these attacks?
  3. What governance structure do you have in place to oversee the accountability for implementing your cybersecurity plan?
  4. How aware are your employees of the organizational and personal risks associated with cybercrime?
  5. Do you have an ongoing training program to increase this awareness?
  6. Do you have the necessary (or any) insurance coverage for cybercrime events like ransomware?


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