Episode 26: An Effective Approach to Coding and Compliance Auditing and Education

Roz Cordini and Jeannie Cagle join Mark to discuss the importance of coding and documentation. Roz, Jeannie, and Mark talk about the need for an effective compliance program and the use of a coding audit as an educational tool for healthcare providers.

Episode Synopsis

Mark, Roz and Jeannie discuss the purpose of incorporating regular coding audits into a comprehensive compliance plan. Investing in the time and energy to create an atmosphere of proactive education and support will lead to more accurate billing and coding which reduces the risk of fraud and abuse concerns. Roz and Jeannie highlight the importance of defining a compliance plan and the common issues discovered when performing a coding audit. They also emphasize the importance of continually educating providers and the changes to documentation after the 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule.


White Paper: An Effective Approach to Coding and Compliance Auditing and Education

Article: The Tone at the Top Sets the Standard for an Effective Compliance Program

Article: Just When You Think You've Heard It All: CMS's Proposal for an E/M Makeover

Podcast: Changes to Reimbursement from CMS for CY 2019

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