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Physicians have significant alternatives to meet their long-term goals and objectives. Whether these objectives are to reduce risk exposure, create personal wealth, raise capital to support growth, or any number of strategic goals. This does not mean that a transaction makes sense for every group, but when a group wants to explore its options, it is critical to have an expert guide them along the way. Whether this means merging with another group, partnering with a private equity firm, or aligning with a health system, Coker can work with you to identify a structure that meets your objectives and structure a process that allows you to reach your goals.

Merger, Acquisitions & Strategic Alignment

Our services encompass a range of strategic and educational components. While there are several ways to partner, many organizations are unaware of the range of alternatives that are available to provider enterprises. The models might include:

  • Practice-to-Practice Mergers
  • Professional Service Agreements (PSA)
  • Majority Recapitalizations
  • Minority Recapitalizations
  • Strategic Sale
  • Joint-Ventures
  • Non-traditional Employment
  • Clinically Integrated Network

Our approach is unique because we do not enter any one engagement with preconceived notions as to what is best for you before we fully understand what you want to accomplish. There are many pathways to reaching your goals, and the first step is listening. We assist by providing education and unbiased feedback on each of the various alternatives that are available to you.  This includes a thorough analysis of each models’ benefits and considerations, how they compare to each other, and determining the specific scenarios in which each model excels.

Once we have assisted you to identify the best model (or in many cases, models) for you, we work with you to structure a process that allows you to achieve the chosen goal, and we assist you in executing that process. We have achieved over a 98% success rate of helping our clients reach their strategic goals due to our four foundational principles that include:

  • Senior level attention at all stages of the transaction process
  • Unparalleled knowledge of the healthcare industry
  • Taking a long-term perspective to client engagements, and working to meet your goals on your timeline
  • Relentless focus on process excellence from start to finish

Healthcare is rapidly changing, and so are the models and reasons that are driving transactions. There are many reasons to do a transaction and there are many reasons NOT to do a transaction, but regardless of your decision, it is critical that it is made for the right reasons. The first step is having the right guide to help you navigate these important decisions.

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