Strategic Planning Video Series: Outline Your Course

Tactics to achieve strategies, goals, and objectives.

As we continue our video series on strategic planning, here are the five steps to strategic planning Aimee and Taylor will cover within the series.

Coker’s Approach to Strategic Planning in Five Steps

  1. Understand the Starting Point
  2. Focus on the Endpoint
  3. Outline Your Course
  4. Set Mile Markers Along the Road
  5. Ensure You Have the Right Resources

Step 3: Outline Your Course

In the last episode, Aimee and Taylor discussed setting goals and objectives and broad strategies for healthcare strategic planning. In this episode, they will discuss the tactics to achieve those strategies, goals, and objectives.

Your tactics must support your vision and strategy, and you must be willing to adapt your tactics to meet your vision. Aimee shares a poignant story about Kodak that illustrates the danger of not changing with the times.

Here are 4 steps to outline your course:

  1. Build Your Strategy and Tactics
  2. Prioritize the Strategic Plan
  3. Assign Timelines to Ensure Follow-Through
  4. Create Ownership in the Initiative

Watch Episode 3: Outline Your Course for the details of those four steps with real-world examples.

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