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We ensure the highest standards of regulatory and legal compliance are achieved and regularly maintained to reduce exposure to compliance-related risk and limit the negative economic impact resulting from insufficient compliance management. 

It's challenging for hospitals, health systems, and physician enterprises to keep up with the complicated and ever-changing healthcare regulatory environment. Every week, new qui tam lawsuits are unsealed, the Department of Justice announces recent settlements, new governmental guidelines are issued, and more. Additionally, the federal government and its enforcement agencies show no signs of scaling back their initiatives; over the past several years, leaders of organizations have been held personally accountable not only for any wrongdoing but also for allowing noncompliance to occur on their watch.

But one thing is clear – the existence of a compliance-driven and effective corporate compliance program that addresses the fundamental elements outlined in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and made mandatory for healthcare organizations through the Affordable Care Act is both necessary and expected. Our experts work with you to help your organization respond to these compliance challenges.

Organizations We Work With

Private Equity-owned

Physician enterprises and platform companies 

Independent Medical Groups

And physician-owned enterprises, such as practices, ancillary services entities, MSOs, etc.

Physician Enterprises

Employed and/or affiliated with hospitals and health systems

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