Leading in Crisis: How to Prepare, How to Execute, How to Thrive White Paper

Do you have a crisis strategy? Do you know what steps to take when crises arise?

While some crises begin as a dim light down the track that you can see getting brighter over time, others arise suddenly in the middle of the night when you haven’t been expecting them at all.

Regardless of how and when they arrive, crises happen all the time and can take many different forms, including environmental (such as a hurricane), technological (for example, a data breach), physical (like a fire within a building), or reputational (such as a public scandal).

When a leader finds themselves amid a crisis, no matter what type it is, they should take several steps to assess the situation and limit its negative impact.

Using a series of case studies, we discuss actions to take throughout the crisis, what to do after the crisis has passed and preparatory measures to take before the next one arises.

Download Aimee’s popular blog series, Leading in Crisis, as a white paper!

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