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Enhancing value through transaction processes.

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We enhance value for physician enterprises through any transaction process, from the sale of an enterprise to a hospital or private equity-backed sponsor to the merger of two or more independent provider entities to joint ventures. In today’s consolidation environment in the healthcare market, transactions are becoming more complex in structure, strategy, and execution, and seeing value is becoming more difficult. Organizations must navigate challenges and obstacles to ensure deals successfully create long-term, sustainable value. Coker’s Transaction Advisory team provides advisory services to healthcare entities to solve those challenges and obstacles.

We guide our clients in overcoming obstacles that can prevent a deal’s desired success and objectives while working with clients to ensure long-term value goals are achieved. Our unique expertise and dynamic flexibility allow us to help you navigate the economic and non-economic challenges that inevitably occur in any deal scenario. We also assist organizations in addressing the often unanticipated cultural and business-related factors that crop up throughout the deal process.

Our approach focuses on removing the burden of the different variables, tasks, and responsibilities required for any transaction, regardless of size, scale, and/or scope. This includes addressing the various regulatory requirements that often require outside, third-party expert intervention.

Organizations We Work With

Private Equity-owned

Physician enterprises and platform companies 

Independent Medical Groups

And physician-owned enterprises, such as practices, ancillary services entities, MSOs, etc.

Physician Enterprises

Employed and/or affiliated with hospitals and health systems

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Keeping up with the complicated, ever-changing healthcare regulatory environment can be challenging. Our compliance experts help you protect against risks and exposure to keep your organization in the clear.