Details and processes are critical, but managing people seals the deal.


A large single-specialty physician group needed help evaluating merger and acquisition options with a larger multi-specialty group. Challenges to be considered included:

  • Blending of cultures
  • Creating a win-win post transaction
  • Economic return assistance
  • Governance and leadership
  • Matching post-transaction goals and objectives

Coker created an environment that promoted an M&A transaction, found and emphasized the reasons to complete the deal, focused on the important matters, and recognized when a deal was probable. M&A transactions with healthcare providers require a deep understanding of the delicate characteristics of these entities. Our experience completing these initiatives allows for proven processes and efficient facilitation between healthcare providers to support their M&A efforts. We worked to:

  • Evaluate and asses the strategic options
  • Address leadership and governance structure
  • Review deal economics and related financials
  • Provide quality of earnings and valuation services
  • Negotiate key terms between various stakeholders
  • Consummate the deal


  • Step 1Initial Landscape Review
  • Step 2Financial Analysis & Valuation Calculation
  • Step 3Structure Post Transaction
  • Step 4Letter of Intent & Term Negotiations
  • Step 5Execute the Letter of Intent
  • Step 6Complete the Definitive Agreements
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