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Strategic Plan Development

We assist hospitals, health systems, and physician groups set and achieve their strategic goals, including expanded clinical services, market growth, human capital development, financial strength, cost reduction, and technology advancements. The strategic planning process varies based on the nuances of an individual organization, but typically:

  • Engages a multi-disciplinary team including providers, administration, and front-line staff
  • Requires a comprehensive assessment of the current state of operations and finances
  • Provides insights regarding the organization in comparison to both peer and high-performing organizations
  • Considers best practices for moving an organization forward and how these can be customized to craft a truly differentiating strategy
  • Identifies ways to invest key stakeholders in the future success of the organization
  • Culminates in the development of applicable, actionable goals along with realistic tactics, corresponding measures of success, and timelines to achieve these goals

We are available to assist in limited service line strategic planning or more comprehensive enterprise-wide strategic planning. We can tailor our process toward Board of Directors, physician leadership, administrative stakeholders, or a combination of the parties. We ensure that all goals and strategies are complementary and coordinated, carried out in concert. Our goal is to help ensure you meet yours, now and into the future.

Strategic Retreat Facilitation

Our proven facilitation process provides a 360-degree view of your organization’s challenges and opportunities. By using a structured approach to lead discussions during a retreat specifically focused on strategic planning, our facilitators can help your decision-makers understand the problems, discuss the issues, and develop the strategies for addressing your current and prospective issues. We apply our expertise and insights across our functional advisory areas—Strategy, Operations, Finance, Technology, and Compliance—to tackle your challenges holistically and to help you plan for your organization across all departments. Our team can assist with a strategic retreat for your organization to make the best use of your leaders’ time based on informed decision-making.

Fortify Your Service Lines in an Era of Change and Uncertainty

Our advisors lead strategic planning and optimization efforts across an array of clinical service lines for organizations of all types and sizes. We provide assistance to organizations that want to continue to position their robust and vibrant service lines for success, including defending against encroaching competition from other organizations or better aligning their services and operations with value-based care imperatives. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we also work with organizations contemplating the addition of a net-new service line but are unsure if it makes strategic, operational, and/or fiscal sense. Our team appreciates the intricacies of each situation and works diligently to develop realistic yet impactful plans that will benefit the organization both at present and into the future. We will customize our approach for your organization, deploying a multidisciplinary team of experts to deliver cost-effective and sustainable results.

Once finalized, our plans for both service line-specific and enterprise-wide strategic planning include comprehensive strategies, tactics, and goals with corresponding measures of success. This process results in an actionable plan with the accountability of timelines and responsible parties, thereby improving your organization’s chances of success.

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