Implementing Sustainable Telehealth Strategy and Operations with PREMEDEX

The impact of COVID-19 has fueled a significant amount of new information related to telemedicine, most of which call for an urgent response from health systems and providers. Many provider organizations are scrambling to establish or expand telehealth capabilities, and others are struggling to determine the optimal course of action. The options and considerations are overwhelming and seem to be evolving weekly, if not daily.

As we work with clients to navigate telehealth strategies that effectively respond to current dynamics and also deliver long-term operational value, PREMEDEX has demonstrated robust capabilities that go far beyond the basics of handling virtual visits. In addition to comprehensive patient management and care coordination, PREMEDEX offers an innovative solution to conducting virtual encounters safely that can be rapidly deployed and integrated with existing operations.  PREMEDEX provides a virtual waiting room and seamless patient visit experience. It excels in remote patient monitoring and coordination of care, an additional benefit to value-based care operations. Unlike conventional “video chat” systems that many providers have turned to out of cost and convenience, PREMEDEX specializes in remote care management (RCM) and interactive communication. A remote team of clinical and non-clinical personnel can help manage patient communication and patient device monitoring in a coordinated effort with scheduling and conducting virtual visits. Within 2-3 days, providers can be ready to conduct visits and submit claims for telehealth services, but the long-term benefits and scope of services provide significant value beyond virtual visits.

Coker and PREMEDEX are supporting provider groups and health systems by combining operational expertise with best-in-class technology and services to help clients rapidly execute telehealth operations. We are customizing our collaborative services to meet clients’ unique needs related to technology, leadership, resources/personnel, and change management. Whether you are new to telehealth or expanding your existing capabilities, we recommend working with an experienced partner to do it right. If you’d like to learn more about how PREMEDEX and Coker are partnering with provider groups, please contact us to speak directly to Brandt Jewell, Senior Vice President.

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