Navigating the New Normal of a Post-Pandemic World

Because no one knows yet what the ‘new normal’ is going to be as the U.S. economy reopens, it is a good time to think creatively and critically about how the business of healthcare may change and how your organization can adapt to those changes.As the recent COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions to normal operations of healthcare organizations, organizations need to think of new ways to deploy talent to maximize their skills and talents.

Once people return to the status quo of the first quarter of 2020, organizations may discover a continued need for internal task forces to tackle the new normal of post-pandemic work, creating opportunities for new ways of problem-solving, improving processes, generating new or additional revenue, and other value-added projects or ventures. These project teams or task forces will need to include individuals with specialized skills and experience to create these opportunities and transform the organization post-pandemic. This could include both full-time employees on short-term assignments or outside interim placements with specific skills and experience. There will be a need for specialized teams that go from one short- or long-term project to another, and the team should be made up of a mix of internal mid- to senior-level executives. Outside interim executives have a wealth of knowledge and experience from other organizations where they have worked, which adds another dimension to the value they add to an organization. They have ‘been there, done that’ at other places, and can bring new ideas and perspectives that may not exist internally.

The disruptive changes that we are currently experiencing, and will continue to experience for some time to come, will require an unconventional, innovative, and inspired level of fresh thinking. Nimble organizations will leverage available talent to take advantage of the changes that have altered the old way of doing business to come up with new and better ways that benefit all of their constituents and stakeholders.

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