Coker Group Telehealth Survey

In a time when healthcare providers, the healthcare industry, and patients across the world are thrust into a new normal, one undeniable effect emerging from the COVID-19 crisis is the widespread adoption and utilization of telehealth. As COVID-19 will undoubtedly leave a permanent impact on the healthcare industry in the U.S., telehealth, without question, will also be a lasting, critical component of the delivery of medical care.To understand this new normal, we are diligently assessing what telehealth means for healthcare organizations, both during the response to COVID-19 and after the crisis subsides.We are soliciting feedback via a brief, 3-minute survey to capture the perspective of healthcare provider organizations related to telehealth services and solutions. Whether you are an employee of a healthcare provider organization or an individual that works with such entities, we would appreciate your participation. All survey participants will receive a copy of our report with findings and insights.

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