Making the Most of Your MACRA Reporting

By now, most MACRA participants have reported their data for 2017 and are gearing up to do so in 2018. Coker Group has a team of experts who can help you with this task. We can ensure that your MACRA reporting process is an effective part of your overall plan to succeed under MACRA and one of its quality payment programs (merit incentive payment system (MIPS) and one of the advanced alternative payment models (APM)).Our approach to MACRA reporting involves the following:

  1. Assisting with metric selection for the quality and clinical practice improvement activity categories of MACRA
  2. Development of a data governance plan that ensures the above metrics are recorded, captured, aggregated, and reported effectively and efficiently
  3. Assessing and testing your current reporting system for MACRA data and ensuring you have the staff and technology in place to handle this critical step
  4. Helping to select and implement additional technology, if needed, to ensure your organization is optimizing its MACRA data reporting
  5. Working with your electronic health record and practice management system vendors to make sure their system’s capabilities in this area are being fully utilized in a way that optimally benefits the reporting process

Coker Group is not a technology vendor. We are a knowledgeable advisory firm with experts in technology, finance, clinical workflows, and practice management. We can assist you every step of the way to ensure that your MACRA reporting system is fully integrated with your plan to succeed under this groundbreaking CMS payment model.

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