Telehealth: A Crucial Solution in Uncertain Times

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the practice of medicine to incorporate the use of technology at a previously unimaginable rate. Until now, the healthcare community was tiptoeing into the telehealth delivery mindset, with reluctance to commit. Thoughts were that remote access would first be for physicians and other providers with patients who lacked access to healthcare due to rural hospital closures, areas with a shortage of clinical providers, and as a response to the increasing costs of care delivery.

Coker’s latest white paper, Telehealth: A Crucial Solution in Uncertain Times, focuses on the use and adoption of telehealth and telemedicine during a pandemic, and differing viewpoints regarding telehealth. Inside the paper you will find:

  • Telehealth delivery and technology from the viewpoints of providers, payers, and investors
  • The necessity of telehealth/telemedicine in a pandemic
  • How COVID-19 changed telemedicine delivery
  • Telehealth technology and interoperability with EHRs

Download our white paper today to understand the different viewpoints on telehealth delivery and how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the delivery of healthcare.

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