ValuePath™: Supporting Organizations Making the Transition to Value-Based Reimbursement

Coker Group stands ready to support those provider organizations making the transition to value-based/at-risk population health management models.  Our trademarked ValuePath™ system can support this effort through:

  1. Risk Stratifications – our computer software partner (Team of Care Solutions) can track your patients’ hierarchical clinical conditions (HCCs) and use them to rank patients according to their risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores.  When presented to front-line clinicians, this information can be invaluable as you attempt to allocate scarce resources — chronic condition management programs, patient centered medical home services, high risk case managers, end-of-life care delivery, etc. — to those high-risk patients in the most need of these valuable services.
  2. Care Process Design – our CPDS (care process design system) allows you to systematically design, monitor and adjust/refine care delivery so that it optimizes the value proposition (quality per unit of cost) for each patient in the populations you serve.
  3. Billing, coding and clinical documentation advisory support and auditing of population health services, e.g. annual wellness visits, chronic care management services, end-of life care etc.
  4. Contracting advice and negotiation support with governmental or commercial payers.

If you would like to learn more about our ValuePath™ services, please contact Alex Kirkland here at Coker Group.  We would love to show you how Coker can help you navigate through the often challenging transition from volume to value.

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