Streamlining Community Practice Integration into EPIC While Reducing Costs and Improving Receivables

Seamlessly integrated two community practices into EPIC, avoiding costly auto-renewal and addressing uncollected receivables.


Our consultants were tasked with assimilating two community practices into EPIC on short notice. This involved meticulously working through the legacy EMR systems of both practices, ensuring smooth data migration into EPIC while maintaining data integrity and minimizing disruptions to patient care. The outgoing vendor was not cooperative, putting the ability to collect on the accounts receivables at risk.


To tackle the challenge of integrating two community practices into EPIC within 3 months, our team brought together the best of expertise and collaborative spirit. We started by building trust with the outgoing vendors, negotiating carefully to ensure we had the right tools and support without stretching our budget or timeline. We also negotiated extended system access to allow the AR to be worked down. This hands-on approach helped us keep everything on track and transparent, avoiding surprises.

As a supportive Project Management Office (PMO), we guided the process at every step, ensuring everything went smoothly and everyone stayed informed. Our role was to manage the project details meticulously while keeping an open line of communication with all stakeholders involved.

This thoughtful management and teamwork meant we could dismantle the old systems and transition all data to EPIC without a hitch, ensuring no interruption to patient care and maintaining the utmost data integrity. Our approach demonstrates how we blend deep know-how with a friendly, supportive touch to deliver results that make a difference for our clients.


  • Step 1Initial Assessment and Scoping
    We began with a thorough assessment to understand the exact requirements and scope of the project. This initial phase ensured that our plan was tailored to meet the specific needs of both community practices, setting a solid foundation for the migration.
  • Step2Engagement of Stakeholders
    Early in the process, we brought together key stakeholders, including legal experts, to craft a robust data conversion plan. This collaborative effort ensured that all legal and compliance aspects were addressed, paving the way for a smooth transition.
  • Step3Negotiations with Outgoing Vendor
    To facilitate a smooth changeover, we negotiated with the outgoing vendor to extend our access to the legacy systems beyond the original cut-off date. This was crucial for ensuring a continuous flow of operations while securing the return of all pertinent data.
  • Step4Collaboration with Internal IT Leadership
    Our team worked closely with the internal IT leadership to strategize and execute data migration from the legacy systems to a secure archiving system. This step was vital for safeguarding data during the transition and for future reference needs.
  • Step 5Data Validation
    Before completing the migration, we meticulously validated the transferred data to ensure no compromises to its integrity. This step was essential to maintain the trust and reliability of the medical records.
  • Step 6Retirement of Old Platforms
    We officially retired the old platforms with the data securely transferred and validated and EPIC fully operational. This final step marked the successful completion of the project, with both practices now fully integrated into the EPIC system.


Given the project's comprehensive approach and collaborative efforts, the conclusion was strategic and seamless. The project concluded with both community practices smoothly transitioning to the EPIC system with their data integrity intact and operations continuing without interruption. This successful integration has enabled the practices to enhance their service delivery and patient care capabilities, achieved through our approachable yet expert-driven project management.

Successful conversion and extended access to work down old AR.

Results At a Glance
  • 100%Moved all vital data from the legacy system into the archiving system to enable the continuity of care and recovery of the old AR.  
  • 90 Daysof extended access at a fraction of the cost

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