A Successful Executive Search With Consultative Approach

Land the right executive replacement in under 90 days over the holiday season? We did that.


When a vice president at one of the largest employed physician enterprises in its state resigned with a 45-day notice period, the hospital Chief Operating Officer (COO) and senior leadership team were left with the task of quickly filling the vacancy with the right highly qualified executive.

The stressful scenario was compounded by the fast approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, a challenging time for recruiting candidates and managing interviews. At the time, demand for top-tier leaders with the required expertise surpassed the supply of qualified candidates, adding to the challenge.


We worked with the hospital to execute a practical sourcing and recruiting strategy. Part of the strategy was to allow senior leadership team members to evaluate each candidate consistently based on their merits using a unified score sheet.

The client made this a top priority, and the COO and senior leadership team provided their full attention to efficiently interview the candidates, which enabled Coker to deliver results quickly.


  • Step 1On-site Search Intake Meetings
  • Step 2Recruiting Strategy
  • Step 3Candidate Screening & Vetting

The process was seamless and without delays. The selected candidate was made an offer for the position, which they accepted within four days. The time from the initial on-site meeting until the candidate accepted the offer was just under 90 days, including the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Seamless & Quick Executive Search

Results At a Glance
  • 90Day executive search
  • 4Day offer acceptance

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