Matthew Kravitz, MHA
Matthew Kravitz, MHA

Matthew Kravitz, MHA

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Matthew Kravitz is a professional coming with experience in healthcare consulting and industry. He obtained a Master of Health Administration from the University of Pittsburgh following his undergraduate studies at Lehigh University. At Lehigh, Matthew earned a Dual BA in Biology and Health, Medicine & Society with an Integrated Business Minor. With a focus on performance improvement consulting in the outpatient sector, Matthew enhanced patient access and provider utilization. During his time at a health system, Matthew gained experience in cost-effective analytics and physician compensation. This expertise has provided him with an understanding of the financial and operational intricacies of the healthcare industry. Matthew is driven by a passion for healthcare performance improvement and its ability to drive meaningful outcomes. He joins Coker as an associate, where he will leverage his knowledge and skills to contribute to transformative initiatives within the industry, fostering positive change and improved healthcare outcomes.

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