John Collier, CPA
John Collier, CPA

John Collier, CPA

Vice President
(615) 306-0915


John Collier, CPA, is a vice president at Coker. He has over 25 years of experience representing providers in reviewing, analyzing, and negotiating managed care agreements for physician groups, hospitals, and other facilities. John has worked with integrated delivery systems, single hospitals, multi-specialty physician groups, and independent private practices to achieve their goals and improve their agreements and relationships with managed care organizations. John has worked strategically with healthcare systems to develop innovative reimbursement structures such as bundled payments and risk-based agreements. He has experience in contracting with all commercial payers as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and other governmental payers. While he approaches an agreement from a legal perspective, he has the practical knowledge and experience to understand what providers need to have in a contract and what does not need to be there. He is a welcome speaker for provider-based events and passed the CPA examination in 1982.